argh… have to repeat maths

I’d forgotten all about college my exam results until i logged on tonight to bebo and saw all of my friends talking about them…

So i logged on to the college website to get my results online…. i’d mentioned before maths was a dodgy one… hit or miss. I don’t bullshit either so when i say it’s hit or miss i mean it.

I got 24% in maths overall 🙁 A real disappointment… unfair imo. I’ve no problem failing, but i should have gotten a good 5-10% higher than what i did get. Still would have failed with under 35% anyway, but still, attempt marks mustn’t have been given to me… maybe because i highlighted a mistake in the paper and said i couldn’t answer it because it didn’t make sense :mrgreen:

We’ll never know… anyway, i’ve been ‘approved to progress’ to year 2. It means i just have to repeat Maths in August… watch me nail that exam 😉

I can’t risk getting just 40%… it backfired on me last time, so now i’ll do what i normally do and actually do some study, test myself and come out with 60-70% without killing myself, but having done *some* work… (for those last exams i did zilch).

Anyway, for semester 1, i got a 71% average… semester 2, i got a 54% average. Drop of 17%. Here’s why…

Semester 1, i worked a bit, did some study for exams etc… Semester 2 was cruise control and very much a case of 40% will do. The difference in attitude came directly as a result of being told there was NO incentive to get more than 40%… it didn’t mean anything. We just had to pass and that was that 🙄

So of course i’ll blame the system, it’s the easy way out for me 😉 But to prove that is indeed what happened, i’ll have to nail this repeat Maths exam in August and that’s exactly what i plan on doing.

Don’t worry though, BeerChief takes priority above all else. It has done for the past 6 months and that’s possibly another reason why my maths mark wasn’t higher 😉

There’s some sort of consultation / advice etc.. stuff on this Friday in the college which i’m advised to go to but i think i’ll skip it 😎 I don’t need someone to tell me that i have to repeat an exam and that i have to work to pass 🙄 I certainly don’t want to have to drive for 2 hours and waste the whole day over it…

It’s a nuisance i didn’t want or need but that’s life… i’ll pass it next time around…

6 thoughts on “argh… have to repeat maths”

  1. Yeah i done the same as you, i only failed maths i got 26 so i will definitely be pulling out the notes for the repeat in august 😀 i think that i am going to go in on Friday though just to look over my paper and see where i went wrong!

  2. ah grand, at least i wasn’t the only one :mrgreen: and you thought you did all right too! he must have marked it very hard… ah well… i’ll be seeing you in august so!

  3. You beat me beacuse i didn’t try 😉 66% or 40% they both mean the same thing 🙂

    And 35% in maths – that’s just taking the piss – how lucky can you get!!!

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