April Fools 2010

april fools 2010

Over the last few years, April Fools day has become pretty serious stuff. Google always take it very seriously and at this stage, probably have an entire department working on April Fool prank ideas all year round. It’s a chance to be creative and this year more and more companies seem to be grasping that opportunity because they know it helps drives traffic & hype…


On google’s blog, they announced that they changed their name to ‘Topeka’.

The wave team also released this video;


They can’t really mess with their search engine results too much because that would just piss people off, but they did tweak the ‘search times’ data…


Like i said, Google probably have an entire April fools department at this stage…


This was pretty creative and must have taken quite a bit of effort… on most youtube videos you can switch the quality to ‘TEXTp’ which plays video as text. It also helps save them $1 a second in bandwidth costs apparently…

youtube april fools

Funny or Die

funnyordie.com have changed their name to bieberordie.com, have plastered Justin Bieber all over the site and claimed he’s bought it. They shouldn’t even joke about that kind of thing!

bieber or die

The Sun

The UK tabloid paper ‘The Sun’ claims referees will start to use segways in the future to help them keep up with play. Somehow i don’t think that idea would get past FIFA who shoot down any suggestion remotely related to technology in football.

the sun

Sporting Index

The spread betting website ran this offer today;

sporting index april fool

No doubt many people were disappointed when this is what it linked to;

sporting index april fool

Vodafone Home Broadband

Early this morning, vodafone decided it would be hilarious to reduce my broadband speed to 0.04mb and lower…

vodafone home bb

Good one vodafone, very creative…. so creative you’re gonna get your own full blog post out of it over the next few days 😉

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  1. AT&T decided as well to make there connections look slow, along with that, lovin the “Topeka” thing. Google, you never cease to have a laugh at others expense. I”m pretty sure Google is going to take over the world….And I'm okay with that.

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