April 2011 Review

April 2011 Review

April got off to a bad start, i was sick for a full weekend in amongst weeks which were packed with exams and assignments, not to mention ‘dissertation’…


‘Dissertation’ was the reason March 2011 was my worst month ever in terms of blogging. I managed 8 posts. April was slightly better (managed 15 posts) but that still means April is my 2nd worst month on record. Will May be different? Probably not.

This month i’ve got my dissertation presentation followed by two weeks of exams. After that, i’ll be out of the country for a week. It will be June before i can get ‘back to normal’ and blogging daily or uploading content daily.

Glimpses of creativity

On April 21st, i launched a new theme design here on smemon.com. It’s simple, it’s nice to look at, therefore i’m happy with it. I also added a new video section which pulls in all of my youtube videos, speaking of which i added two more in the form of ‘timelapse photography‘ videos. I then dabbled in a bit of photoshop and touched up some photos i took of Castle Leslie.

I’m on the verge of creating some kind of daily challenge for myself possibly with youtube & flickr (video & photos) but the problem is i can’t commit to doing something if i don’t have the time to do it and right now, i know May is going to be another busy ‘college’ month so that has to take priority, especially given the fact it will probably be my last ever month in college.

Expect much more video from me though from June onwards. I’ll have all the time in the world to get more creative.

It’s all about the content

On April 14th, i published blog post #2000 on this blog. There’s also 3,581 photos on my Flickr. My youtube stats let me down as i’ve only published 46 videos but like i said, i’m hoping to change that from next month on.



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