anti-virus software extinct???

Am i the only one out there that doesn’t use any anti-virus software whatsoever? To my shock and horror, i was the ‘odd one out’ when this topic came up in college… it seems the rest use some sort of anti-virus software 🙂

aol anti virus
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I’ve been without anti-virus software for over a year now. In my view, all of them are as bad as each other and designed to cash in on the fear factor. In the early 2000’s, yes, windows could be opened up by hackers easier than a tin of beans as everyone was using windows 95/98 or ME and running Internet Explorer.

Then Firefox came along and all of those annoying little trojans and applets that got through in IE, were shut out by Firefox. These days, i think both are relatively secure and any problems are generally cause by the user and not the software.

Vista, although i STILL think it’s worse than XP and nothing but a fattened up version of XP, is pretty secure. I should also mention the fact that i’m not running a standard version of windows… if i was i think i’d have gone insane by now 😉

I’ve ditched the sidebar, all the security pop ups, enabled auto-login on startup, trimmed the start up processes to the bare minimum plus gotten rid of the flash graphics on start up.

If i get spyware or a virus, i’ll be able to fix it myself or else google it. These days, i’d say 99% of virii and spyware infected PC’s are brought on by the user being stupid and doing things they shouldn’t be doing like downloading ‘FREE serials crackz click here to download FREE NOW’ or else running a .exe file from somewhere…

I’m not sure what exactly anti-virus software does these days only warn people before they click on things. What sort of set up do you guys have? Just like me or full to the brim of anti-virus junk?

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