another strike on the way

Today i was off college due to a strike by public sector workers (including lecturers). I wasn’t complaining… it was a welcome day off for me and it allowed me to catch up on college work. I got a lot done and it’s amazing how much you get done at home -v- anywhere else.

I think it’s because i control everything… the lighting, the music, the equipment etc… it’s all to my liking and comfort so naturally enough that should be the place where i perform best. Here’s what i did today;

  • Created my part of a group presentation due on Thursday.
  • Put together about 15 pages of a 30 page project report due for next Monday.
  • Uploaded another video to youtube from my Paris trip.


  • Installed windows live movie maker (didn’t realise it doesn’t come with windows 7).
  • Sent off some long overdue emails to people.
  • Updated client site with new content / made some layout tweaks.
  • Upgraded plugins on this site.
  • Upgraded plugins & wordpress on
  • Made a post on
  • Responded to any emails i got today.
  • Bought new theme & made a start on revamp.
  • Downloaded & installed macromedia director 2004 (need it for a project) – because college doesn’t use latest version 🙄

Now most of that stuff i do on a daily basis anyway (such as responding to emails, installing software) but i never really blog about it or regard it was work, even though it does eat up a lot of my time. If i actually sat down and listed everything i did on a typical day, it would probably be something like above + a full day at college which is another list all together.

Anyway, i’m looking forward to relaunching… it will finally be something solid and constructive that i’ll get off the ground. For the last few months i feel like college has taken over from everything. With just 7 days of college remaining until my exams (there’s another strike scheduled for next thursday), that’s gonna change very shortly.

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