another hotel getaway..

I’ve decided i want to get away for a night or two over the bank holiday weekend (weekend after next)..

We’ll probably head to Dublin as usual and hook up with a my girlfriend’s friend and just do the usual – go shopping, chill out, enjoy being pampered in our posh hotel :mrgreen:

As some of you might know i have quite expensive taste when it comes to hotels and never stay in anything less than a 4*, unless im really desperate or broke and i’ve thoroughly researched it. So far in Dublin, i’ve stayed in The Conrad hotel (5 star), The Morgan Hotel (4* deluxe), The Comfort Inn Smithfield (3 star). Worryingly enough – in that order :mrgreen:

Anyway, they were all top notch and all rank very highly on tripadvisor.

This will be my first trip away since London back in July.. almost 4 months ago 😯

It’s nice to get away and be pampered.. it also gives you something to look forward to and that’s important i feel as it’s pretty boring getting into daily/weekend ‘routines’. So i’ll let you guys know where and when i’ll be staying once i get somewhere booked 😉

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  1. Judging by the amount of postings you’ve been making, you deserve a break away! I’m looking to get away to Cork on the October Mid-term for a few days. It’s true that you need something to motivate you, make you proform better in the run upto it as you’re considering it as a treat should you do well.

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