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Yesterday, i was at a wedding so that’s why there were no blog posts. Normally, that’s a good excuse and the sort of excuse you’d accept, but that is in fact not an excuse at all when blogging. I could and should have scheduled a post to appear. Not blogging on a particular day is not excusable – it comes down to laziness, lack of planning or both.

Anyway, this week, i’ve got 2 exams in college. I’ve also got 2 small assignments to submit and one larger javascript project which i want to get started. As Christmas looms large, there’s a rush now on in all my modules as lecturers want to get exams out of the way and get results back to us.

I also have to produce a demo of our video project. It’ll be the first time anyone has seen it in all it’s glory. I don’t really care what anyone says, i’m more interested in their immediate reactions to each scene as i’ll learn more that way. Just by looking at people i’ll know if they think x and y works or not.

Generally, you’re not going to criticize something which is better than your own project for fear of a ‘look who’s talking’ answer and also to hype more pressure and expectation on your own project, so for that reason verbal feedback (i don’t think) will be that useful.

On the web though, i’ll be judged the the absolute highest standards and that feedback is very important, so i may upload this demo to youtube also. There’s an important point there in that last sentence – about being judged and measured against the absolute best on the internet.

It’s one of the reasons i’m taking part in this SEO competition… in order to better yourself you have to constantly measure yourself against the best and keep competing and improving. The only way you’ll ever become or beat the best is by matching or surpassing them. This SEO competition has been great experience for me but it also proves i’m becoming a better and stronger SEO. is up to 5th now in this competition and rising…

Geansai Gorm 16th Nov

There’s at least 20 sites in this competition so it means i’m outranking the vast majority and due to the fact i’ve been rising steadily, i’m also closing in on the big boys in the top 3 slots and there’s still over 2 weeks left 😈

If i can keep my work rate up, i could well grab no.1 spot but finding the time to keep working on it is challenging, especially when i have plenty of exams and assignments and stuff which are, on paper, more important.

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