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Yesterday and today i’ve been busy working on this blog. Last night, a new theme went live and today i’ve polished it up some more. The end result is a fairly smooth, simple theme which looks pretty similar to what went before it, only this one is a bit more fine tuned and classy…

Richer Colours

Since the beginning this blog has been ‘green’. We’re now using a lighter, richer shade of green which instantly makes things look classier. It’s amazing how a simple change of colour can change opinion. In order to blend the logo in to the green background at the top of the page, it too has underdone minor changes.

blog design 21-4-11

I’m not sure if i mentioned it before but the two swirls combine to make an ‘S’ shape, which is obviously the first letter in and my own initial. Those kind of swirls are associated with old Irish / Celtic stuff, so that’s where the graphical element of the logo comes from.

New Menu

Up until now i’ve just used plain text links for the menu. That can get pretty boring so i was determined to find a nice menu, which did a good job of incorporating drop down menus. I stumbled upon this theme on and instantly liked the menu setup. So i bought that theme and and tweaked it around to suit this blog. I had intended to build my own using rootstheme as a base but no point in reinventing the wheel as they say.



For the first time ever, i’ve set up a video page on this blog. It pulls in all of my youtube videos and allows you to browse and watch them without leaving the site. I spent a lot of time debating with myself whether to introduce this feature but i think it makes sense. It’s no different from my flickr photo section. It just helps house my entire web presence in the one place.

Pages Update

I’ve changed very little content on the pages themselves, but i have changed the layout of some of them. The best is example is my about page. I’ve updated the text slightly and added in a new picture but the main change i’ve made has been to split it up in to two columns.

london 2010

I think this is just a smarter use of space. The reason i have such a small sidebar is to place all the emphasis on the content. If that content isn’t broken up with images it can become fairly laborious to read so by splitting it up in to columns i can ‘flank’ the content with images which just makes everything look more attractive. My portfolio section badly needs updating but that’s for another day.

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

The ‘problem’ with being so easy to find online is that everything about me stems from this blog. If you to see what i’ve done or find out something about me, you may start out on Google but you’ll most likely end up here. It’s important that this place looks the part because it’s the equivalent of a ‘first impression’ in real life. You can’t take it back. If it looks ‘default’, is hard on the eyes or doesn’t work as expected, then that says something about you.

For a while, i was beginning to lose sight of that and found myself investing time in to projects which ironically came about after people contacted me through this blog. So i decided to scrap whatever i had planned and made this priority yesterday and today. Everything is now much more professional and polished, the way it should be and the way it was always capable of being, only of late i didn’t have the time to sit down and do it (mainly due to college).


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