another big week ahead

This week is another biggie… i have to find sponsors for my skydive charity competition, finalize exactly how the competition will operate (how to enter, when it closes, where the money is going etc..). I’m hoping to kick things off on september 1st and run the competition until september 30th, then do the skydive sometime in mid-october.

The competition really hinges on how good the prizes are (otherwise people won’t bother entering), so i’m hoping putting up $100 in cash prizes myself plus some other stuff will get things off to a good start…

It’ll all be pretty hectic and be over in a flash but i know i’m doing a good thing and i won’t regret it.

I’m determined to do this thing and do it right. It’s all for a great cause, it means i’ll get to skydive and there really is no negative points to doing it – the only negative is the sheer amount of time and organization it will take.

I’m also hoping to flip a few sites this week – it’s been a while since i’ve done that and it’s a nice habit to get in to – flipping sites on a weekly basis :mrgreen:

At some stage i’ll have to go up to college to register for the coming year, so that’ll be fun – it should give me a chance to see my college friends after being away from them all summer.

If i get a chance i’m hoping to launch another type site and i’m also hoping to get a few new posts on itself. Busy times ahead…

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