and we’re off…


For the past few weeks i’ve been surprised at how straightforward college work has been. This degree (IT Management) is a step up from my previous degree (Computer Applications & Support) but so far it hasn’t been massively challenging…

Things are starting to move along a bit quicker though. The assignments have been assigned, there’s presentations scheduled and all that formal stuff seems to be slowly surrounding us and moving in for the kill.

Here’s what we have to do so far;

Business Organizations

Presentation (2 people in a group) on modern management theories.

Enterprise Architecture

Presentation on ‘Federal Enterprise Architecture’ and how we’d apply it to a case study (3 people in a group).

Data Warehouse Design

Another presentation / report and i’ll find out what it is tomorrow.

Research Methods & Seminar

Compile a report on seminars (we have guest speakers in every so often). Yesterday we had a computer forensics expert in, Leateds has a post about it here.

So they honeymoon period is well and truly over and now it’s just a case of staying on top of deadlines and balancing time & effort across all subjects. Whilst i’m still aiming for 70% + this year, the defensive side of me knows that it must race to 40% first and foremost before it can pass the baton on to my more optimistic side.

Whilst i’m talking about college, the wireless network has been down since we started. Almost 5 weeks now. No updates. Well, there was an update on 10th September. There are plenty of teething problems still but i just don’t have the time and fire to fuel the likes of dkitdown these days…

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