And the winners are…

So i’m a little behind schedule, but overall, my skydive competition has gone well. Not only have i gotten over $200 from it, i’ve also picked up a few new RSS subscribers by the looks of things and of course i’ve gained a whole pile of experience from the competition which is another post for another day 🙂 I can’t forget about the sponsors either who put up prizes – i’ll be dedicating another post solely to them later on 😉

As promised, i’ve uploaded a screencast of me randomly selecting winners/numbers. I recorded this yesterday (4th October) and i announced everyone’s lucky numbers on Wednesday (1st) so it was 100% transparent and fair – that’s the way i’ll do things from now on and i challenge every blogger out there running competitions to do the same 😉

Now the conspiracy theorists amongst you will probably point out that you can’t read or see the numbers and excel file in the screencast… apologies for that, that’s due to compression and format issues which i’ll try to sort out (another lesson learned – don’t try an capture the full screen when screencasting), but then again i’d hardly go to those lengths to cover up or hide anything :mrgreen: Here’s a quality screenshot of the screencast just to prove my numbers match up 😉

random nums

The only ‘rules’ of drawing winners i set, where that no person could win the same prize twice. So out of the 37 prizes, 8 ended up being won twice by the same person, so what i did was randomly draw another 8 numbers until no same person had the same prize twice. Here’s a full list of the random numbers generated, the prizes won and who won what…

Competition Winners

All of you will be contacted this week at some stage 🙂 Now that this competition is over, my focus will begin to turn to BeerChief again. I’ll need a bit more cash for it first, but it’s not far away now from launching publicly. It’ll be one HUGE weight off my shoulders once that actually goes live to the world. It’ll be almost 3 years (on and off) of waiting and planning finally put in to action and going somewhere.

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