and so the blog begins…

ok guys, i’ve finally got my own blog. It’s the easiest way to record my own ideas and also keep track of exactly what i’m doing.

i’ll update it daily (well, i intend to.)

the danger with this is that it can get too personal, too open, but then again that can be a good thing because it keeps you guys entertained.

anyway, i’ve set up this blog to serve as a diary on my quest for making a living out of the internet. My every dollar spent and earned will be recorded. Hopefully, one day, i can look back on this first post and say to someone ‘that was me when i was still working…’

you see i don’t regard the internet as ‘work’. It’s a hobby, a past-time…a love. Earning a living out of this would heaven. The best thing about this is that everything is in my hands. I call the shots, i make the decisions… i own and run everything from my own bedroom.

It’s not the bently’s and mansions that the google/microsoft/amazon founders have which motivate me. Oh no. It’s the fear of failure. The fear of waking up every morning at 8 o’clock, getting dressed, going to work half asleep. Doing everyday normal things… like having lunch in a canteen.. getting a payslip every week..

I’ve been there, done that and i don’t like it. That taste of normality is fresh in my mouth, and i will use as motivation today and tomorrow and probably 10 years down the line. I will not stop until i am my own boss.

On November 12th 2006 at 9.39pm – i’m telling you to watch this space..

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