and now for the edited holiday photos


Yesterday i spent most of the day writing that 2264 word blog post and sorting out / uploading my best photos to my Flickr. I only managed to get about 50 photos (of over 500) uploaded, so i’m going to drip feed the rest in and make sure they’re all high quality… Here’s some of the edited ones i’ve uploaded today and the story behind them…

The Random Wedding Photos

We stumbled upon this couple in Dubrovnik walking down the main street towards us.

Dubrovnik Wedding I wanted a close up shot but there was a big crowd looking on and loads of people taking photos / walking across my path. I took a few shots and kept getting unlucky…¬†This one was of a man walking across the street with a black sack (looks like a bin man, but he’s a tourist), covering the bride. Not quite the photo i had in mind…

wedding photo fail

Persistence paid off and i finally got a clear path to shoot, then i just added a bit of glow and a vignette in photoshop for that cheesy wedding-y look…

Dubrovnik Wedding

A good hour later and whilst walking about on the old city walls, guess who i seen again down a quiet alley way…

Wedding in Dubrovnik

It raises the question of guest-driven wedding photography… give guests a place to upload all images of a wedding. I don’t have a clue who these guys are and they’ll probably never see these photos which is a shame. I’m sure there are plenty of others like me (you can even see them in the photos) who took photos and if this was my wedding i’d be more interested in *those* random stranger photos than the professional ones…

Kravice Waterfalls

These waterfalls as i said and showed you yesterday, are pretty spectacular. I wanted to load this photo with colour and blind people with it. So it got a major kick up the ass in terms of colour boost and brightness…

Kravice Waterfalls

Dubrovnik Old Town

One of my missions on this trip was to create a tilt shift masterpiece. This is it. Crazy angle and an incredible view from on top of a mountain overlooking Dubrovnik’s old town made this a prime candidate for my tilt shifting experiments.

Dubrovnik Old Town

Look at that toy town… it’s like a scaled down toy model of the actual town only it is the actual town ūüôā The photo below is from the road (taken out a bus window). It’s got a slightly ‘vintage’ effect added and i wanted to make those¬†terracotta¬†roofs stand out so they got a colour boost.

Dubrovnik Old TowniPhone gets in on the action too

I only took a handful of shots with my iPhone but some of them turned out to be my favourite. This one of a cross on top of a mountain at sunrise is my favourite. It was shot, edited & uploaded via my iPhone.

Holy Cross at Sunrise

Next up we have a spur of the moment rosary beads shot. Our bedroom happened to have a cross on the wall, my girlfriend was after buying millions of rosary beads to take back, so i decided to get creative on day 1 whilst lying on the bed, half asleep having got up at 4am, flown for 3 hours and bused for 3 more.

rosary beads

The original was a bit wonky (like i said it was taken whilst i was lying on a bed) but with some straightening and cropping it turned out pretty nice. Another one of my favourite photos and another reminder of how under-rated the iPhone’s camera is.


I got plenty of photos of the sun rising and setting last week. Many of them were naturally pretty good but lacked ‘punch’. With a bit of help from photoshop, this one got a bit of a facelift.


Here’s one where the camera is staring at the naked sun. I don’t usually take pictures directly in to the sun, with the sun being the main point of focus but i’m pretty happy with (a) how the camera handled them (b) that i took enough to get a few gems like the ones you’re seeing now. Below is another touched up photo of the sun. Compared to the originals, all of these photos are much more colourful and vibrant…


Cruise Ship Name Fail

This ship is called ‘Costa Fortuna’. Wonder how much it costs…

costa fortuna cruise ship

Photoshopped or genuine?

*inserts element of mystery here and leaves the room*

virgin mary


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