Am I the the greatest SEO in Ireland?

Maybe 🙂 but that’s a question i’ll be able to answer shortly. I’ve just heard about an SEO competition which i’m definitely entering – i let far too many of these competitions pass me by and it’s about time i got stuck in.

I have until December 1st at 3pm to rank no.1 on for the phrase: geansai gorm. To all my international readers, that translates as ‘blue jumper’.

Here are the rules (taken from;

  • Entries open to all Irish individuals and Irish businesses.
  • Search is to be performed on Without Pages From Ireland selected, with personalisation off and from an Irish IP address.
  • The domain to rank must be a new domain. Must not contain the keywords in the domain name at all and no ccTLD domains are to be used.
  • Only want the homepage to rank, not other non-useful pages.
  • 301 redirects are not permitted.
  • Keywords as gaeilge instead of english but copy can be in English

Fair enough, it means we’re all on a level playing field. I’ve just over 5 weeks until D Day so i’ll have to act quickly and get the thinking cap on. As the rules state, this has to be a brand new site. The reward at the end of it all, will be to see where i’m at against the rest in terms of SEO.

I have managed to topple wikipedia & government sites with in the past without any real ‘deliberate’ SEO work so it’ll be interesting to see how i get on with this. 5 weeks isn’t much time though for me… i guess the good thing about that is that everyone else is in the same boat.

Let the games begin 😈

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