always wanting to do more

In school years ago, we had some photographer come in to try and teach us about media/photography. I can’t remember who he was and the actual speech / teaching wasn’t great, but i’ll always remember one line, “A good photograhper will always want just one more shot”.

What he was trying to say was that the best of the best are never happy with what they have – they always want more, they’ll never be happy to settle for less. I find myself in that situation a lot of the time…. always wanting more time and NEVER happy with what i have. If i am happy with something i’m probably lying 😉

Creative Commons License photo credit: Autumn Welles

A fine example is this video project i’m just after finishing last night (well, version 1 of 2 or 3). Roughly 100 hours of work i reckon. Massive task, steep learning curve, virtually impossible to get professional results for 30 minutes solid and this being your first major video project.

The end result is pretty good… hopefully i’ll be uploading over the next week or so for feedback (this is v1, with v2 to come in early December). But despite it looking good and being pretty well received by those who’ve seen it, i’m still not happy with it… i’m not even happy with the best bits in it as i’m always thinking of ways to make it look better.

At this stage, a lot of the stuff i’m thinking about is way out of my league as i’ve a budget of nothing, a team of one and limited amounts of time :mrgreen: The ‘keep it simple’ motto would have made this task a lot easier for me and probably shaved that 100 hours in half if not more.

But my hunger for ‘more’ and more on top of more has resulted in this mammonth undertaking which is still ongoing and is far from simple 🙂 It will never be finished in my eyes, i’ll just have to make do with imperfections i can see but that nobody else may pick up on. In order to get things done and move on, sometimes you just have to sever ties and ditch a wieght that’s holding you back. I could literally spend the rest of my life trying to perfect this one video and i’d still be wanting more 🙂

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