alone time with my blog tomorrow

Tomorrow i’ve decided it’ll be’s turn to get my attention. I’ll be making some changes and generally updating everything.

Trying to turn the clock back to an era gone by!!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels!!

I’ve a lot of stuff to put in my portfolio and there’s also a lot of small bits and bobs that i want fixed. I’ve already fixed a css inconsistency that had been annoying me for months – when you hovered over a link in the sidebar or footer, they’d be a different colour than those in the main body or header etc…

The only thing stopping me from fixing that was laziness. At the end of the day, the blog doesn’t earn anything and i’m probably the only person who noticed or even cared about that ‘problem’ so that’s why i left it – i said to my self just forget about it and set aside one day where you’ll just go through the entire blog and fix everything.

So that day will be tomorrow and hopefully i’ll have plenty of updates to show you all!

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