almost there..

I’ve got 3 days left at college until i get off for Christmas.

I then have 2 exams on the 19th & 20th December, but i’m not too bothered about them and here’s why…

I had 6 modules (subjects) in semester one. I need to pass all to progress to semester 2.

4 of those modules are 100% CA – i.e. we’re marked from week to week on our work and assignments during term. I’ve passed all of those, but don’t have exact figures yet.

Maths and Architecture are the two exam based modules.

In maths, 30% was going for the CA, 70% for the actual exam. I got 69% in the CA, so that means i’ve 21% on the board overall already. Technically i can pass with just 35%, so only 14% needed in my final exam :mrgreen:

In architecture it’s 50% CA, 50% exam. I’ve got 60% in that CA so far (however that will probably go to 75/80), meaning i’ve got 30% overall – leaving me needing just 5% on the actual exam.

I’m not too fussy about getting first class honours etc.. it’s way too early to peak exam wise. If i can stay on the tails of the big guns in class, it’s job done, as i really haven’t pushed myself at all yet 😈

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