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finish line

Tomorrow i have an exam in ‘Computer Services Management’ followed by my final exam in ‘Database Administration’. After 11.15am on Thursday, i’m officially free for the summer and finished my three year level 7 computing degree in ‘Computer Applications and Support’.

So the finish line is in sight and i won’t be stumbling across it nor will i be sprinting across. It’ll be a leisurely stroll across. A safe mark, probably about 60-65%. My results & degree will be confirmed in June and i’ll have to wait until around November for the whole ceremony bit.

But it feels good to have done something useful for 3 years, even if i have doubts over how useful the things i learned and studied will be in real life. I suppose that’s what college is all about – leaning & studying. The actual content is largely irrelevant.

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I could have taught myself most of the stuff i’ve been taught. But could i have taught myself the discipline & learning methods required to study things in great detail? Probably not. I’m not a teacher, i’m a student. However college has taught me how to teach myself better and disect topics bit by bit, disect problems bit by bit, form fairer conclusions, put points across in a structured fashion…

That’s what i’ve learned whilst in college. The procedures, the critical thinking, the step by step processes, establishing links between things. Of course if you’re being critical, you could argue that might be me trying to justify wasting the last 3 years of my life… But the experts say it’s useful, the government say it’s useful, it’s socially accepted that college is the done thing and i do think there is a degree of ‘pressure’ to go to college these days. So if you’re coming out of school today, all the signposts point to college and it takes a brave person to wander off in another direction. Brave or perhaps foolish.

All in all though i do recommend college. If only just to find out whether you want to do something or not. Although i don’t particularly like my course in computing or see much value in it, i obviously haven’t been put off computers if i’m still blogging away and working with computers daily so for me, i know it must be true love, this is the career for me 🙂 College to me was always a stepping stone though. This degree was a stepping stone to a better degree and that better degree is a stepping stone to hopefully securing a dream job or at least a job that i like doing.

Having that attitude is critical to keeping me motivated. For me, it’s important to devalue college whilst your in it. Or devalue anything whilst you’re doing it. That way, you never fear anything or let it get on top of you too much. Once it’s done, then you can begin to put it back in to perspective. It’s a trick i use all the time 🙂

The note taking, the presentations, the projects, the reports, the documentation, the exams… you can’t get away from all of that, yet it will all be forgotten about once you finish. That’s one of the downsides of college. Building sand castles that just get swept away year after year. So much work and all you get is a lousy piece of paper proving that you’ve built sand castles for 3 years. Those sand castles of course no longer exist. You can’t take them in to interviews…

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  1. Happens to pass through your website and this very post. I am TOTALLY agree with you regarding the syllabus matters. Similar to you, i’m going to finish my degree in computer science by the end of this year. And i found that what we memorize for exams is not as important as the experience we gained from learning it. The exams is just another protocol that must be completed to show that we are done with that one phase. cheers.

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