almost 5000 uniques per month

It’s been a while since i last did any statistical updates on this blog…

As you can see below, it’s averaging just over 150 unique visits per day and just over 250 pageviews per day. It translates to just under 5000 unique visits per month (4750).

That’s not bad going… i’ve never really tried to promote this blog. Sure, i’ve digged the odd article here and there, but i don’t go around spamming people or trying to exchange links…

Those 4750 visits came from 114 different countries around the world… Fiji, Peru, Nigeria, Jamaica, Azerbaijan, Bahamas… just some of the obscure places i’d never expect visitors from!

A massive 71% of that traffic now comes from search engines, (68% from google).

At this stage, i’m closing in on 1000 blog posts and that will be a fanstatsic achievement. There ain’t many bloggers out there who can boast that 😉

Anyway, the only way is up… i said i’ve never promoted this blog, so imagine what i can do when i actually dedicate time to promotion for BeerChief :mrgreen: Once BeerChief is launched, it means this blog will reap the benefits too (as plenty of people will be curious as to who the creators are)…

One thing i’ve noticed about the big guns in blogging, is that they all have other projects…. blogging is secondary and something they can afford to do due to the success of their other sites.

Tyler has, Shoe has (previously ringtones, auction ads etc..), JC has… noticing any trends?

BeerChief will become my pet project, and hopefully i can use it to help light the fuse on this blog 🙂

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