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Today i gave myself the day off college because i only had one hour long lecture which may or may not have been going ahead and i knew that if i went it and the class was cancelled, i’d just blow up. So here’s what i spent my time doing today…

From now on, that will be my response to a lot of questions! Although it took me several hours to put together, i can now begin to waste other people’s time by directing them to it 🙂 I’ve deliberately titled the video so that it could potentially be seen as a customised response to somebody’s question. The description gives nothing away either so it’s only after watching it for a while that you begin to realise that you’re being taken for a ride :mrgreen:

Although this isn’t going to get me a college degree, i still think stuff like this is more valuable to me than any lecture could ever be. Stuff i’ve learned today included;

  • How to use camtasia (screen recording software).
  • How not to use Windows Live Movie Maker if you want to add / edit multiple sound files.
  • Youtube AudioSwap is pretty slow (why isn’t it instant?!)

All week i’ve been pretty unproductive. I forced myself in to college on Monday at 9am despite not having class until 2pm in the hope i’d do some serious work / study. I did the same on Wednesday but it’s all just backfired. I come home feeling tired & drained despite the fact i haven’t done much all day long.

So i knew taking the day off today would be a smart move and it has helped. I’m feeling sharper and more motivated. More creative too. The video is a product of all that. If only all classes took place over 2 or 3 days… I’d much prefer 2 full days of classes rather than an hour here and an hour there. My busiest day is on a tuesday when i have 5 hours of classes.

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