All play and no work

Yesterday i missed a day of blogging for the first time in do knows how long..

Yeah shoot me, hang me up to dry, laugh at my failure, boycott my blog 😆

The thing is, this is the ONLY time of year where you can ‘get away’ with this sort of crap.

If someone asks why didn’t i blog, i’ll tell them Christmas is a time for family and offline networking 😎

It’s a nuisance in a way – Christmas. But it IS only once a year, the one time you can totally relax and put the feet up and enjoy being with the people you most like being with.

So apologies in advance if i’m not around much over the next few days, i’m sure you guys won’t be either 😉

Between Christmas and New Years has to be the most non-productive time of year… everyone just eats, sleeps and drinks and cracks jokes :mrgreen:

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