All Ireland Quarter Final – Monaghan -v- Kerry

Today i was in Croke Park yet again (God, i’d never been there in my life up until march, and now this my 3rd/4th time in it, plus i’ll be in it at least once more before the year is out!).

Anyway, it was to see my home county – Monaghan play the defending All Ireland Champions – Kerry. It was a David and Goliath occasion with the storyline to match (almost).

Monaghan were expected to lose yet Kerry never lead the entire match – up until the last 2 minutes 🙄

Final score was 1-12 to 1-11; Monaghan lost by a point. Heartbreak all around but i wasn’t beat up too much.. i’m not a huge GAA fan.

Here’s a few panoramic snaps and normal snaps all unedited..




I also stayed for the first half of the hurling match between Limerick and Waterford. First time seeing hurling live. Has a nice fast pace but you can’t see the feckin ball as it gets mixed in with the fans in the stands. I thought it just looked like that on TV, but no, it’s the same in the flesh. Make the ball BIGGER :mrgreen: Or give it a flourescent colour or something..

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