all going to plan in college

Radiograph of my head -  Do you find my brain?

I’ve been back at college 3 weeks now and you’ll have noticed a real drop in my work ethic online. Whilst some of that was due to slow connection speeds and none at all at times 🙄 most of it has been down to the fact i’m using much more of my brainpower at college and burnout in the evenings.

There’s a mountain of stuff i’ve learned but some of the more interesting stuff includes;

  • OSI layer model
  • basics in javascript
  • how to form questionnaires and get accurate results
  • pings / ip’s / subnet masks
  • routers / hubs / switches
  • how memory works

Then i pick up on some nuggets of unrelated stuff like why airplanes turn off all lights when coming in to land, how/why a CPU is powered by a quartz crystal, how electricity is made, what you need to become a lecturer…

That’s just the stuff i can recall off the top of my head and i’m fairly well up on it all now. You could give me an exam in any of that i’d pass. So i am much more focused on college this year… i set my stall out to get an average of above 70% and so far so good. 9am or 4.30pm, it doesn’t matter – i’m alive, alert and absorbing information. Last year, i’d be done by 2pm (mentally), and i’d be thinking ahead of what i’d be doing that evening when i got home.

Online, i’ll be glad to get this skydive competition done and dusted. It doesn’t look like i’ll hit the $1k mark this month, but i’m sure i’ll come up with more creative ways of raising some cash 😈

This ALWAYS happens, but ironically, this month has been pretty good for me in terms of revenue online. Although i haven’t done much and it’s probably been my worst month in terms of work rate this year, i’ve made $60 in affiliate earnings and another $150 in ads on this blog (some of which was put in to the charity skydive fund).

Typical :mrgreen: So if you want to make money online, you just gotta stop working and focus your attention on offline stuff – worked for me this month 🙂

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  1. a few reasons but the main 2;

    1. In the event of a plane crashing at night, turning off the lights gives your eyes time to adjust to darkness… makes sense when you think about it.

    2. Should the plane need to take off again on landing for whatever reason, it needs maximum power to do so and turning off all necessary lights reduces the load on the power supply.

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