Air Show in Punchestown this June

air show

Irish aviation is 100 years old this year and to celebrate there’s an airshow on in punchestown being held on bank holiday weekend 6th / 7th of June… headlined by the Red Arrows

Airshows are things i always seem to miss or don’t hear about until they’ve taken place…. so this year i made a point of keeping an eye out for Irish airshows and stumbled upon this one. I got my ticket for Monday, June 7th as soon as they were released :mrgreen:

There’ll be indoor exhibitions and ground display areas too so it’ll make for an interesting day and at the very least will provide some excellent photo opportunities 🙂

Red Arrows
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jarod Carruthers

The highlight of the show will of course be seeing the Red Arrows team in action. A few weeks ago, two Red Arrows planes collided in a training exercise forcing one pilot to eject and sending a £5m unmanned jet plummeting to it’s final resting place. They’re exceptional pilots though and crashes are rare… When you take a look at the stuff they do on a routine basis, it’s easy to see why there is absolutely zero margin for error…

Here’s a provisional schedule for June 7th (which is the only day the Red Arrows will be flying);

  • Skydive Ireland parachute drop
  • Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team air display
  • Eddie Goggins air display
  • Breitling Wingwalkers air display
  • Team Viper air display
  • Twister Duo air display
  • Hurricane air display
  • Vampire air display
  • Yakovlevs air display
  • Vans RV-7 air display
  • Red Arrows (RAF) air display

Tickets are available through and are €25 pp or €60 for a group of up to 4 adults… They’re normally €80 for a group of 4, but use the code ‘Irish Times 1’ to knock 25% off.

Grey Nurse
Creative Commons License photo credit: glenn5108

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