Some of you may have noticed i’ve added a new widget to my sidebar – titled ‘aideRSS’.


It’s basically a ranking system for your blog posts – i guess the pagerank of blog posts which aideRSS call ‘postrank’. I had noticed aideRSS was sending me some traffic over the past few days so i had to check it out and ended up falling for it as i think it’s a nice site, and a nice idea.


I’ve also ditched BlogRush as it’s failed to live up to expectations and failed to deliver traffic for me. Again, it was a nice idea but wasn’t looked after and went stale. So i knocked it on the head and found a replacement in aideRSS.

What i like about it is the fact it links to MY blog posts rather than other people’s… so it is in effect a ‘top 5 posts’ list, as voted for by my readers which makes sense rather than using boring algo’s and all sorts of weighted stats to guess what my top posts are.

3 thoughts on “aideRSS”

  1. I added your feed to my aideRSS profile while testing it out… so you can probably thank me for the visits. Go on.. do it! 👿

    But seriously, I like it. Looks good, performs well… quick and simple.

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