Ah no! it’s monday

I’ve been off college for over a week now and just realised i’ve got college in the morning. It’s 1.30am at the minute, i really should be getting some z’s but i’m still on the hunt for custom wordpress theme designers :mrgreen:

It just sort of hits you when you have to set an alarm for the morning.. 😥 I don’t really detest going back, like i would have done at school, it’s a more a case of ‘it has to be done’, so i guess things could be worse, i could actually have to work and be put under pressure – in college you just sort of sit there, take the sheets and pretend to listen 😎

Only about 5 weeks to go until exams/we get off though, so i guess it will fly. I have to admit i’ve kept blogging all the way through without thinking. I secretly thought i may have felt the strain of college/ exams/ girlfriend/ money etc… but it hasn’t been the case.

Blogging to me, is still a fun thing, it’s not a chore. I guess i’m a come ‘rain, hail, shine or snow’ type of blogger. Almost a year in, and i could count the number of days i haven’t blogged on one hand :mrgreen:

I was watching a programme tonight about how some murderer was possibly framed, yet was put away due to his stories not adding up and apparent ‘lies’. Apparently, he had a bad memory, but when his mother was interviewed, she was saying how the cops where quizzing him about where he was, what he was doing at such and such a time.

She said “He couldn’t remember what he was doing last week, never mind a few months ago, what did they expect, a daily journal?”.

And that’s when it hit me about blogs and the huge benefits of having one. If you asked me what i was doing on 12th Feb 2007, i’d tell you i wouldn’t have a bloody notion :mrgreen: But if i come on to my blog, i’ll get a post which will trigger off all sorts of memories for me and thus i can piece together memories of not only that one blog post but other parts of that day also.

So the moral of the story is – if you have a blog, you have a ‘Hard Drive’ of memories. If you don’t have a blog, all you have is ‘RAM’ which is a tiny percentage of memories -v- the hard drive.

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