Affiliate Clamping System

I’ve been thinking about this idea for the past few days..

Everyone hates clampers. Everyone hates people who park illegally.

How about us, law abiding citizens get to ‘out’ the law breakers, in return for a 50-50 split of clamping fee’s?

So i see a white van man parked up on a footpath. I stay on site, ring/text/send picture to a clamper man and get the van clamped for a 50-50 slice of the cash.

Same for parking tickets… if someone parks in a disabled spot without a badge, we ring up traffic wardens, get them to come to the location and you get 50% of the fine revenue 😎

This would earn us a nice bit of cash, it would make clampers jobs easier (as we’d have done their job for them), plus it would make the eejits who park illegally think twice, as now EVERYONE has potential to clamp/ticket a car 😈

All in favour of this proposal, say I 😉 *goes off for domain names,*

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