Adding ‘Do Follow’ to comments

I’ve just installed a plugin called ‘linklove’ and customized it so that anyone with 3 comments or more, will automatically have a ‘do-follow’ link added to their comment url. So if you’ve commented more than 3 times on this blog, you’ll automatically have ‘do-follow’ applied to your links from now on :mrgreen:


This is to ‘give back’ to the readers, but i’m reluctant to add do-follow to all comment links as that encourage ‘hit and run’ comments where people comment simply for a link. At least if they have to comment 3 times it cuts down on spam.

Basically ‘no-follow’ and ‘do-follow’ comments tell the search engines to follow that link, or not to follow it. So a ‘do-follow’ link is more valuable from an SEO point of view as search spiders then crawl your page and can also pass pagerank/value to your page from the comment. Mind you, google aren’t my friends lately so there may be little value in a link from this blog 😆

By default, wordpress adds ‘no-follow’ to all comments to help protect blogs against spam. I’m against this as i believe readers should be rewarded for reading and engaging in discussion, not punished. By ‘no-following’ all links, the spammers are spoiling the party for us all, and we can’t let that happen.

I’ve been too lazy to actually do anything about it or tackle it head on up until now. But with the new theme in place, it’s the right time to make changes and make the blog bigger and better in anyway possible. This is a little change, which i’m sure all my readers will appreciate. The risk is of course leaving myself open to spam and believe me, i don’t want any more spam as i have to moderate plenty of pending comments… any comment with 2 or more links in it, gets sent to me before it goes live – 99% of these are indeed spam, but the odd one or two are genuine.

4 thoughts on “Adding ‘Do Follow’ to comments”

  1. at the minute, no follow (since i upgraded the theme) but that’ll change shortly…

    along with do follows, i’ll be enabling a top commentators section too..

  2. I use top commentators over at my blog too. Thought of this same promotion also. 😀 But over at my blog I use dofollow in my links. In that way I want to pass on the growth of my pages/blog to the commentators’ comments through their website links.

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