absorbing like a sponge

I think i first started becoming an information junkie when i seen the list for the irish blog awards. So many new blogs (to me), so much information… so many of those bloggers on twitter. Subscribing via RSS is what i would normally do but then my RSS reader was starting to get out of control. Information overload.

Nowadays, i just use twitter to read EVERYTHING. No digg, no RSS reader…. if i’m at home, this is the sort of set up i’ll typically have;

smemon's desktop

One monitor with tweetdeck running, one doing other random stuff. The problems arise when i’m not at home… i’m faced with a tough choice – left or right. As i only have a netbook with me at college, i must choose between tweetdeck or browser. Last week, i chose tweetdeck and left my netbook open at tweetdeck throughout lectures and any free time i had. If interesting links cropped up, i’d view them.

The rewards last week were fantastic – i discovered many interesting sites and resources – here’s a top 3;

  • ubiquity
  • yourfonts.com
  • Use ctrl + tab to switch tabs in Firefox or alternatively ctrl+ 1 or 2 or 3 etc… to move to the tab you want

Had it not been for twitter, i would never have discovered any of that. All of those things above have already begun to increase the speed i work at. Ubiquity is a superb add on with massive potential. Creating my own handwriting is overkill, but it would look massively impressive on a CV for example – especially if i’m going for a tech job 😉 The windows hot keys to swap and change tabs is invaluable – saves me clicking.

It disappoints me when my college can’t match my own standards. If i can’t get online, i’m shut off from all of this valuable information. All of the above links and tips where found at home, not in college which says a lot about the state of DKIT’s wireless broadband.

Technically i’m in college 8 hours a day most days. Subtract an hour for eating and maybe another hour for changing classes etc… it should leave me with 6 hours of potential browsing time. Now i’m not gonna play around on my netbook for 6 hours non stop – but i like to have it there at all times. I like to see what’s going on and if i’m missing anything. If someone asks a question i know the answer to, i can check out some sites – i don’t have to listen to a lecturer explain something i already know.

It’s those little bits of time which all add up – it’s time wasted in my mind and i hate wasting any time. The thing is, these days, when i have a few hours off, i’ll add people on twitter or check out some new toys like above. That’s not time wasted. I’m learning – building up valuable skills, contacts and resources. HOWEVER if i don’t have stable internet access, i can’t do any of that.

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