about my driving..

I’ve been asked if i’ve a full license and if not, how can i drive? (person in question was obviously not from Ireland 😉 )

It’s complex, but basically i’m allowed drive if i have someone who holds a full license with me in the passenger seat. I’m on my first license but i’ll be getting a second one in July which means i can drive on my own (even if i fail a test 🙄 ). I have applied for my test back in January and am expecting word soon on when i’ll get it. I should be due a test around late April/May.

Anyway, i’ve only took about 5 one hour lessons 2 years ago. I then bought a car and taught myself the rest. At this stage i can drive comfortably and in any conditions. Nothing phases me. Roundabouts, hills, junctions, parking etc.. no problem. I drive a 1.4l renault megane hatchback (7 years old).

So when the test comes around, i expect to pass first time (i’ll take lessons before hand just to get rid of any bad habits). Even if i fail, i’ll still be legally entitled to drive on my own in July, when i get my second provisional license.

Messed up, i know :mrgreen:

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