a week of design ahead

I’m just after downloading an buying tonnes of photoshop styles, effects and all sorts addons today.

Photoshop Creative Suite 3
Creative Commons License photo credit: Photo Mojo

I like ‘creating’ and messing around with photoshop gives the opportunity to do that. I have to design & code a website from scratch this year as part of a college project so i’m eager to impress with the design first and then worry about the code later.

We’re told to worry about getting everything working first and THEN focus on design but for me, that’s too dull. A good design inspires me and encourages me to work harder. It’s important i get it right from the start as it sets the tone for the entire project.

So i’ll be doing things my way and hope to get the full homepage design created this week in photoshop. Slicing it up in to html and css should be straightforward and from then on it’s the boring stuff working with databases and code. It’s all great experience though and this is the reason i’m in college…

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