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Over the past couple of weeks, i’ve gathered a huge collection of articles, papers & stats on social media… i’ll be spending the next 3 or 4 months working on a dissertation on all of this stuff so you’ll probably see a lot more posts on social media from me next year…

The exact title of my dissertation hasn’t been decided yet… i’ve literally dozens of options so i have to narrow it down and commit to one by next Friday. It will be something along the lines of ‘Social CRM in Ireland’ or ‘CRM through Social Media in Ireland’…. if need be i could get more specific and go with ‘lead generation’ or ‘customer retention’ through the use of social media. I’ll sleep on it for the next week and hope that one starts to emerge as a winner.

I thought it was appropriate i use social media myself to help me with my dissertation so i asked for some suggestions on twitter and got some which have got me thinking… over the next few months i’ll continue to try and use social media to get feedback on my dissertation – it’s the smart thing to do.

I’ve also decided i *need* to carry out some sort of experiment just to add my own stamp on the area and hopefully produce something interesting which will at the very least, entertain people. What that experiment will involve, i’m not quite sure yet but i’m determined to make it interesting.

Case studies? Definitely, although i’m not quite sure going in to great detail on a specific business is a smart move… after all social CRM isn’t for everyone so it’s important i keep a balance at all times and try to sit on the fence. Obviously i’m going to want all businesses to have a blog or all businesses to have a twitter account, so it will be tough to remove my bias but it has to be done. I must showcase the good with the bad.

Anyway, here’s some of the more interesting articles and papers on social media i’ve come across lately;

It gives you an idea of what i’ll be working on… this type of stuff interests me so i don’t really see it as college work.. i suppose i think of it as research for one big massive blog post 🙂

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