a new theme?

A few hours ago i was saying how i’d be making a few changes around here… i started out trying to implement a new gallery… you can see how i got on here.

But then i thought, feck it, why not a whole new upgrade? A complete revamp… so i had a look at a few free themes with a view to hacking them, nothing really took my fancy…

I then happened to check in on a college friend of mine at leateds.com…. he’s using chris pirillo‘s new theme.

I’d seen the theme before when it first came out and downloaded it but ran in to all sorts of fatal error problems and left it be 🙂

But i’m after having another look at it today and fixed up all the little bugs i found and i have to say it does have pretty much everything a blogger needs.

So i’m going to tear it apart tonight and tomorrow and see if i can come up with anything for this blog.

I paid $170 for this current custom built theme back in November.

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