a bit of random is better than nothing


I find myself being squeezed for time these days but now that the summer is over and the schools are back, everyone loses that sense of optimism. From now on days get darker and it’s all about the build up to Christmas. I don’t mind dark days or no holidays, that’s when i can get in to some kind of working rhythm. Anyway, here’s some random photos from the past week…


These are my girlfriend’s pets… the dog loves the sun and got up on the fireplace to soak up the rare rays we had today as the black kitten looks on.

Dog and cat



Doesn’t too healthy here but looks pretty tempting just a few minutes later…


Spider’s last moments

Noticed this spider on the back door today. Just as i had finished taking a few photos and had turned away from the door a robin came along and ate it. Furious i didn’t get that on camera!


Flying Lesson

Flying lesson voucher my girlfriend got me last weekend. Has to be used by the end of January 2012 so i’ll have to get booking soon…
flying lesson


My desk was getting a bit messy, which i hate. It’s impossible to keep any desk clutter free but every so often something triggers a mass cleanup operation.



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