8gb usb stick & mousepad ordered

The only usb stick i have is 128mb and that’s on my swiss army knife which i bought over 3 years ago. I’m forgiven because it’s on a swiss army knife and that’s just cool 😉

But really, 128mb is nothing nowadays. I’m starting to see 32gb usb keys knocking about the place now 😀

So i’ve gone out and bought myself an 8gig usb stick. This one from komplett.ie @ €33. It’s an ultra durable, waterproof, shockproof stick from OCZ.

It has a read/write speed of 30/15mb which all in all is pretty good value. And come on, it looks cool too 😉

Rather than just buy a usb stick and pay €13 for delivery, i wanted to buy something else just to justify the default €13 delivery cost. So i asked myself what else did i need or want for my new office.

I know. A cool mousepad made from acrylic glass that lights up and can be controlled via a dimmer switch 💡

This baby gets excellent reviews on gaming sites and it’s massive (size wise) compared to normal mousepads so it will fill up some space on my new 6ft desk 🙂

So these are two are luxury buys. I’m just showing off now, if this was a new car, i’d get keyed by some of you guys 😀 I don’t really need these two, but they’ll just add that cherry on the top of my whole new office set up. I’ve also been tremendously disciplined financially these past few months so it’s a nice little reward for myself.

They should arrive by the end of the week, as should my desk. I’ll ring the desk crowd later today. I meant to ring saturday but simply forgot all about it as i was away most of the day.

So by the end of the week, hopefully i’ll have my desk, dual 20″ monitors sitting on it and also the mousepad and usb key ready to roll with the 7.1 surround sound system placed strategically around it all. Moma bear comes in the form of a Dell XPS 420 and i’m still waiting to order that.

Just a note on my monitors, after spending more time with them i noticed i have one stuck pixel on one of them. So i’m delighted with that… 2 LCD’s, no dead pixels and just one stuck blue pixel which i should be able to fix with a bit of work.

It’s not uncommon to have 1 or 2 dead pixels in the one monitor and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it either as most manufacturers won’t take back a monitor with under ‘x’ amount of dead pixels. But in most cases, to the untrained eye, you wouldn’t even notice 5 or 6 dead pixels in normal viewing.

I deliberately ran tests to check for them 😀

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  1. Have a simular mousepad myself, can’t knock it – offers some wrist support (maybe because mouse itself is slightly raised), and the USB ports on mine come in handy!

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