8 reasons why vuvuzelas should be banned


Vuvuzelas are the only thing being talked about at this year’s world cup. They’re incredibly annoying for non-african fans, players & commentators. FIFA won’t ban them because they don’t want to ‘Europeanise the African World Cup’, but what about health & safety grounds or player welfare? This has been the most boring world cup in memory so far and officially has the lowest goal count of any world cup so far. Could this be linked to vuvuzelas ruining the atmosphere and distracting players? Possibly and even if it’s not, we’ll pin it on the vuvuzelas anyway because they deserve whatever criticism they get…

Here’s a few reasons why they should be banned…

1. They can be used as weapons

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Remember this, or this, or this? Hooliganism has gradually been stamped out but all it takes is a small minority to kick things off and vuvuzelas are perfect, legal ammunition.

2. They drown out ‘proper’ support

Argentina 1 x 0 Nigéria
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Singing and shouting, chanting etc… is man made support. It’s natural support which involves creativity and coordination. No plastic, no gadgets… the vuvuzela is like ‘cheating’ your way to creating noise.

3. Their sound drowns out commentators

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This isn’t a bad thing, but a lot of commentators can hardly think, never mind talk during matches thanks to thousands of vuvuzelas being blown continuously for 90 minutes.

4. They can lead to long term hearing problems

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Vuvuzelas can produce up to 130DB which is higher than a drum, referee’s whistle, chainsaw or air horn. It’s equal to the noise of a jet taking off 300 metres away. Constantly. Thousands of them. For 90 minutes or longer.

5. They’re distracting for players

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Patrice Evra, Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi are the latest superstars to add their names to the anit-vuvuzela list. Those guys aren’t exactly strangers to big game atmospheres either. The fact they’re saying vuvuzelas are distracting them and causing problems with communication on the pitch should be taken seriously by FIFA.

6. They help create a ‘manufactured’ atmosphere

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There’s nothing worse than ‘fake’ atmospheres. Music blaring over loudspeakers, flags and hats with company logos on seats, idiot proof ‘cheer now’ messages on big screens… vuvuzelas are plastic, they involve blowing in to a tube to create a much noisier sound than the sound you make blowing in to them. And it’s the same sound. The same sound being produced by up to 90,000 vuvuzelas /people at a match. It’s a lazy way to create atmosphere.

7. Stadium announcements cannot be heard

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Fire. Fire. FIRE. Oh that’s right, you can’t hear the stadium announcement. So a terror attack, bomb alert or important announcement will go unnoticed if you have 90,000 jets taking off around you constantly.

8. Two teams, two vuvuzelas

Just like the fans of the invisible man..
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In football, supporters are often called the 12th man. Home advantage is a big advantage. For the african sides though, there is no home advantage. Supporters might be wearing their teams colours but they’re still blowing the same horn as the opposition supporters meaning there is no home advantage. It’s just all white noise. So supporters cancel each other out. In any other continent, singing, chanting, clapping etc… is unique. Each country has their own chants, own songs, own uniqueness.

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  1. While we're at it, why not ban chanting in Europe. It's the African way, it's their culture and it's THEIR World Cup, commentators can still easily be heard. The way this WC is going, they add a bit of atmosphere to some of the most boring games ever. England fans could still be heard chanting, as could Germans, Greeks and Japanese and the likes never chant anyway so it's better than hearing silence. I barely even take notice of them anymore, they're background noise, I try concentrate on the actual football

  2. there's a good article here from a south african fan: http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Letters/Nothing-……

    “The problem with vuvuzelas is that the people who blow them are totally inconsiderate of those around them and they are intent only on making as much noise as possible. I go to stadiums to enjoy watching soccer and the truth is that vuvuzela blowers are the casual type of fan who spend more time entertaining themselves than actually watching the game.”

    In other words, the vuvuzelers are the leprechauns and hammer bashing plastic paddys of south africa 🙂

  3. But you have to realise that the vuvuzela is the only African thing about this World Cup, FIFA only allow food from their approved sponsors ie Hot Dogs and Burgers, American Beer is served, and their is a large exclusion zone before local vendors can sell their local food. And all the chat at the opening ceremony about it being “Africa's World Cup”

  4. You have very good arguments, but the truth is: IT'S HELD IN SOUTH AFRICA, THEREFORE EVERYONE SHOULD CONFORM TO THEIR CULTURE. If you visit a country, let's say Italy, you should expect everyone to speak italian, and therefore you should try your best at speaking their language. Now, I am European, but I truly see the imperialist side of us. For years, we have been dictating the lives of Africans (ex: colonization) and finally when they're granted host of the biggest global sporting event, what do we do? We criticize, and we bash these poor people because of the use of horn? It's pretty obvious that it's not the vuvuzelas that are the problem, it's haters.

  5. Vuvulezalover

    I am a South African, born and bred here and i want to world to know that the vuvuleza is not part of our culture, it never has been. People must stop defending the stupid plastic horn by saying its our culture or heritage.
    Its a plastic pipe that makes an irrational noise, nothing more, thats not culture, its not heritage, it has nothing to do with football in Africa or anywhere else.
    Its a plastic toy manufactured in China and has nothing to do with our heritage or culture

  6. Vuvuleza is not an”African thing”
    Traditionaly South Africans loved singing at football matches and millions of football fans here hate the things.

  7. Football/ Soccer supporters

    We are hoping that soccer administrators, coaches, managers, players and fans world wide will support our call for a ban on the Vuvuzela which is having catastrophic effects on the beautiful game.

    They are ruining the world cup for “real” soccer fans
    They are not a traditional instrument of any soccer playing continent.
    The soccer players don’t want them.
    The coaches don’t want them
    The managers don’t want them
    The refs don’t want them
    The commentators don’t want them
    Real soccer fans don’t want them
    They are injuring peoples hearing
    Once hearing loss is sustained – the condition is irreversible.

    They have nothing to do with football

  8. Your ideas stink! I hate them!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of this chatty chat is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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