8 days of college left

I now have just 8 days of college left until i sit my Christmas exams. I didn’t realise that until this second, but it’s a nice boost knowing i can’t get any more work after that. At long last i’ll start to free up my time….

Overworked desk
Creative Commons License photo credit: sparkypics

Tomorrow i’m off college thanks to a strike and it’s important i put it to good use. I’ll be doing my best to avoid all distractions and to get as much work as possible done. I have two presentations to work on along with one project and one smaller assignment.

There’s no way i can complete all of that in one day, but i’ll do my best to get a good 40-50 pages of material created & formatted. Whether it’s slides, word documents or both. I’ll be blogging about what i’ve done this time tomorrow and hopefully i’ll have a nice weight off my shoulders for another while…

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