7 goes on sale tomorrow

Windows 7 goes on sale tomorrow. Microsoft will be glad to see the back of vista – not because it wasn’t a good product but because there was so much negativity around it that everyone just hopped on the anti-vista bandwagon anytime it was mentioned.

Windows 7
Creative Commons License photo credit: jezza101

It’s not cool to praise Vista and it’s Microsoft’s fault for letting it get to that stage. They lost the browser war because of the same ‘do nothing’ tactics. Cooler kids came along and wiped the floor with them. Same when it comes to search engines… They’re like that lazy security guard in movies who sits on a chair watching CCTV and then falls asleep on the job – reacting too late to a burglary or tactical masterplan from a bunch of well prepared ninjas.

7 is a leaner meaner security guard who loves his job – it will be difficult for anyone to get past him… Google are set to release their first OS next year but unlike the browser wars and Search engine wars, Microsoft appear to have prepared well for this battle. 7 is built for today and tomorrow and Microsoft have done a great PR job on it – try searching for negative windows 7 reviews – you won’t find many… (well, certainly in comparison with vista).

Anyway i’ve pre-ordered windows 7 and it was sent out yesterday so i should have it on Friday. I’ll be sure to voice my own thoughts on it over the next few weeks…

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