600 posts and counting..

Another day, another new landmark..

I now have over 600 blog posts on this blog. It’s 11 months old, so that averages 1.8 per day (you could just say 2).

On August 21st i hit the 500 mark, i also posted a few figures.. check out how they’ve jumped in about 6 weeks.

  • my alexa rank was 466,440

now my alexa rank is 246,051

  • my technorati rank was 245,854 with authority 26

now my technorati rank is aorund 130,000 with authority 52

  • askimet caught 1,414 spam comments

askimet has now it’s caught 2,835

It’s safe to say blogging has now become a part of my life now.. i still don’t view it as a chore or as work, so that’s good. I also have loads of new ideas and material for posts such as operation ‘dash cam‘, so the energy, enthusiasm etc.. is all still there and i feel i’m still developing as a blogger in terms of writing style, balancing topics, paid posts etc… 😛

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