6 year anniversary..

Today marks the 6th anniversary for me and my girlfriend 😛


It’s not too often i blog about personal stuff like this, but i figured it might be interesting..

It’s pretty incredible and rare at our age in this day and age.. here’s a few stats which may be of interest…

  • I’m 20, she’s 21.
  • We’ve stayed in 8 different hotels totalling 31 nights.
  • We’ve been to each others debs (prom’s to my american readers).
  • We’ve gone through 9 mobile phones between us.
  • We’ve spent literally thousands of euro on phone credit.
  • We’ve been to 5 concerts together (3 in the point theatre Dublin, one in the MEN arena, Manchester and one the the o2 Dome, London)
  • We’ve been to one wedding, one funeral and two christenings as a couple.
  • In that time, we’ve bought each other; a JBL sound system, dozens of teddies, 32″ LCD TV, two ipod’s, an mp3 player, Mini Hi-Fi System, Moto Razr Phone plus dozens of cards, gift vouchers, clothes etc..
  • We’ve joined a leisure club 3 of those 6 years.. (usually every 2nd year)
  • We’ve lasted longer than a lot of marraiges do and we’re still going strong :mrgreen:

I always get a look of horror/shock when i tell people i’ve been with her for so long.. that question pops up in almost every conversation i have with a stranger/distant friend – ‘how long have you been together?’.

The next question i get, even though it may just be half joking is ‘when are you getting married?’. Now must people would brush off this and crack a joke or change the subject but believe it or not we’ve both thought long and hard about that and have an exact date 😯 😕

19-7-2012. Why that date? good question.

  • I was born on the 7th day, she on the 12th, combine the two and you get 19.
  • I was born on the 4th month, she was born on the 3rd, combine the two and you get 7.
  • I was born in ’87, she in ’86, combine the 7 and 6 and you get 13. Both of us agreed a 2013 wedding wasn’t ideal (superstition and all that). So subtract 1 as she is year older than me and you get 12.

That gives us about 5 years.. we’d be 25/26 respectively which may be a little optimistic, but we’ll see.. that’s a provisional date anyway 😉

4 thoughts on “6 year anniversary..”

  1. no we don’t have kids 😎

    we don’t live together either but we stay with each other at weekends and anytime we’re off..

    thursdays a nice day.. it means people can take thursday and friday off work and make a long weekend out of it 😈

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