500,000 youtube views for cork penguin

famous irish penguin

I called it ‘viral’ at 45,000 views and watched it go from strength to strength. Now, at over 500,000 views, my penguin video has surpassed all expectations. From reddit frontpage to comedy central, the video has earned itself 1,479 likes, 1,032 favourites and sparked 322 comments…

Youtube Insights

Here’s some stats from the video, pulled from my youtube insights…

youtube insights

youtube insights

youtube insights

It’s hard to find some accurate solid data on the average number of views youtube videos get and the percentage of videos which get over 500,000 or 1m views but from what i’ve read roughly about 1% of videos get over 500,000 views, so it looks like i’ve joined the 1% club 🙂

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  1. You should look into the YouTube partnership program Sean. It allows you to make money off your videos and have cool branding options for your channel that normal youtube users don’t have. Either that or just apply for a IVP for this one video so you can earn some money off of it. Preety cute that one little fella left on his own.

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