500 posts and counting..

Today is a big milestone for this blog.


I’ve hit the 500 posts mark, this is post #501 😯

It’s an incredible achievement, and something i never would have imagined a year ago..

The blog is less than a year old – 10 months in fact.. so i’ve averaged 1.6 posts per day.

  • April 19th ; hit 200 posts
  • July 2nd; hit 400 posts
  • August 21st; hit 500 posts

So in 5 months April – August, i’ve averaged 2 posts per day and that’s exactly what i try to aim for every day now..

Accoirding to google analytics, 12,074 unique visitors have come to smemon.com in a 9 month period from December ’06 up to the present day August 21st.. that averages about 50 unique vistors a day, but for the past few months i’ve been getting almost double that..

  • Alexa rank is higher than ever before showing 466,440 which is coming down all the time..
  • Technorati rank is also coming down, it’s not at 245,854 with an authority of 26.
  • Pagerank is still 3, put predicted to be 5.

This month, for the first time ever, this blog has been my biggest earner.. although that may change..

So things are on the up all the time.. it’s nice to see the stats rise but it also adds more pressure to keep them from falling 😛

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