500 miles per tank..

As most of you will know i’m heading to college next month.. only 8 days or so until registration day 🙁


Anyway, i’d previously calculated how many miles per tank of petrol i’d get weekly. I calculated about 350 miles per tank. Feck all that miles per gallon stuff, it’s miles per tank – that’s the real acid test.

But scrap that, it’s now at almost to 500 miles per tank; well defintely over 500 as i’d never run a car dry and don’t even allow the petrol warning light to come on. Why? How did i do this? I hear you say..

Simple – i’m driving long distance and at a consistent speed averaging around 45mph. The past week, i’ve done about 300 miles of ‘long distance travelling’.. the rest has just been about the town..

In town/city driving you use the accelerator more, therefore releasing more gas. All the accelerating out of junctions, getting up to speed quickly etc takes it toll on the gas tank.

So i’m fairly confident now i can get 500 miles out of a full tank of petrol. A full tank at the minute costs about €60. (€1.14 per litre of unleaded).

My daily commute to college will be 70 miles per day. Multiply by 5 (assuming i’m scheduled in 5 days a week, hopefully i’ll not be!) and that’s 350 miles per week of ‘college driving’. So i should have more than enough to get me around the town also – ‘personal driving’..

So €50 petrol should do me weekly, comfortably. I’d previously calculated €50 would just pay for getting up and down to college – no more..

So this is a nice little surprise.. not something i would have thought about although when you do think about it, it makes sense – less right foot = better fuel economy :mrgreen:

I’ll also be trying to curb my driving style a bit to save a few bob.. such as reversing into parking spots rather than driving in.. also keeping the windows up at all times, not putting pedal to metal as much..

So in general i’ll try to set a target for myself and then try to beat it after every tank of petrol.. that way i’ll be saving myself a small fortune on petrol. So i’ve gone from 350 miles to 500 miles on a full tank of gas. I need to get out of the town more 😆

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  1. well, my car is in miles, and most cars still are..

    it’s a bit like feet and inches – it’s one of those old habits that has been passed on by older generations…

    just for you alfonso, 500 miles = 804km’s :mrgreen:

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