400 posts and counting..


On april 19th, i hit 200 posts.About 10 weeks later, i’ve doubled it and am now at 400 posts (well, 401 now!).

This blog is 232 days old, or 7.5 months 😎

An average post count of 1.7 posts per day. Not bad going. It does take quite a bit of time posting and preparing posts, browsing for material etc.. but at the same time you only have to visit digg, general forums or some news sites to get the latest news or talking points.

I was always told to try and write at least once a day by my english teacher in school… a year later and i’ve pretty much done that 🙂 Writing is good.. it keeps you sharp and improves your ability to express yourself.. i suppose blogging is a form of journalism just with a bit more fun and freedom.

Anyway, 400 posts is a fantastic achievement, and i hope to continue blogging at this sort of pace.. The last day you haven’t seen any posts on this blog was 6th May 2007. Two months ago. Since then, it’s been blogging 7 days a week – non stop 😈 There aren’t many who can match that 😆

2 thoughts on “400 posts and counting..”

  1. “you only have to visit digg, general forums or some news sites to get the latest news or talking points.”

    So you admit to regurgitating rather than coming up with original content? Do you think we should just visit digg then?

    And re your last paragraph, I hope your teacher in school also taught you that self praise is no praise?? 🙂

  2. i admit to getting the latest news and putting my spin on it – yes 😆 isn’t that what journalism / blogging / opinions / the internet is all about?

    for example, i could have just quoted an article about the foiled car bombs in london, but as i’m going there, i thought i’d say what i think and feel about the whole thing..

    you’re right – self praise is no praise, but i’m a blog reader just like you – i love reading blogs, getting people’s views on things.. and i couldn’t name many bloggers who have posted daily for the last 2 months :mrgreen:

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