4 years of education in a box


Yesterday i threw out all of my old leaving cert books & folders along with all of my college work. Thousands of pages, dozens of books and anything else i could get my hands on…

Despite finishing the leaving cert 4 years ago, i never got around to clearing out all of my notes and books. I kept them in large chest and shoved them in a corner. Out of sight, out mind 😉 But i’m now committed to setting myself up with a nice new office area… so anything that comes in to sight that’s of no use, will get nuked.

The box on the left is ‘rubbish’, box on the right is ‘attic’.


It took me a while to go through everything and there’s literally thousands of pages of writing in that box on the left. All of my college work is gone, all of my 6th year leaving cert work is gone. This is what happens when you give me paper… i don’t want it and sooner or later it’ll be destroyed.

Anyway, this coming week i’ll be taking apart my PC and speakers which is a huge operation. So many wires, so much dust. But it needs to be done. The aim is to create more space. Work smarter. Work quicker.

For example, my laser printer is pretty large and i have it on my desk which is pretty stupid considering it’s wireless. I may as well take advantage of the fact it’s wireless, move it elsewhere and free up some space on my desk for stationary or just writing space. A printer also produces clutter, so it’s not good to have it ‘at hand’. Promoting my shredder to my desktop might be a smarter decision as it’s a clutter ‘destroyer’ which has always been hidden away. As you can see i’ve been doing my homework on office space psychology 😉

Another task for me will be to take apart my surround sound system… it’s about 5 years old now and used daily. I don’t want to have to change it (the sound from it is perfect) but the volume just keeps fluctuating randomly for no apparent reason. I’ve had a quick look at all the cables and taken the remote control apart to see if there’s anything out of place but that didn’t have any effect. So i’ll do my best to find the problem this week and hopefully it’s something i can solve myself… i really don’t want to have to shell out for a new set of speakers.

Whilst i have everything opened up and taken apart, i’m also aiming to give everything a good, proper cleaning. It’s amazing how much dust PC’s seem to create. They should come with a self cleaning system… maybe dyson can think of something…

If it was spring, i’d be calling this a spring clean, but let’s just call it a ‘late’ spring clean. Although i really shouldn’t be dumping any college stuff for another year, it feels good to finally get rid of the paper mountain. 10 years ago, i would have been wary of dumping paper or college stuff. These days it’s no big deal. Everything we need to know is online. It might not be as neat and tidy and simple to pick up as a book, but it’s still there.

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