4 weeks until college

I start back to college on Tuesday, September 8th. 27 days away from today.

Here’s a full list of the subjects i’ll be completing and passing this year;

Semester 1

  • Web Applications Development
  • Systems Administration 1
  • Training & Support Services
  • Database Management Systems
  • Broadband Technologies
  • Computer Security

Semester 2

  • Project
  • Systems Administration 2
  • Computer Services Management
  • Database Administration
  • Professional Mentoring

Over the last 2 years, i’ve completed 24 others and here’s how i’ve done overall….

exam results

exam results analysis

I’ve deliberately compared Winter -v- Summer results for a reason and that’s because i consciously put more effort in to passing winter exams than i do summer. According to the stats, 9% more. Plus i’m probably more fresh and hungry going back to college for the first couple of months so i can learn more, whereas after Christmas, i’m just thinking about summer.

I *need* an overall average of 50% or more based on year 2 and 3 to qualify for an add on degree in IT management (which i’ll do next year). I already have 57% on the board from year 2, so overall, i just need an average of 43% this year (year 3) to go in to IT management (which will be year 4).

I’m very strategic in my approach to it all… if i don’t need to work hard, i won’t. I can be doing much more productive things with my time working online. The goal is to finish up with a degree in IT management first and foremost. Results or slip ups don’t really matter to me so long as the overall goal is achieved.

This year, however, we have a project to complete and it’ll probably involve developing a custom built website (design, coding, using databases etc…). Needless to say i’m looking forward to that :mrgreen:

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