3rd year hear i come!

I’ve yet to get official confirmation of all my results but i’m pretty confident i can mark myself at this stage and and for the sake of agument here, i’ll underestimate any results i haven’t got back yet. I’ve got 6 exams this summer. I had 6 at christmas and passed them all.

I had pneumonia at christmas, so i could easily have put them off until now, but that would mean i’d have 12 to look forward to – not a nice thought. I had the vision and cop on to realise putting them off would be a big mistake. Yes…. even it had of impacted on my health it would have be worth it and i’d do it all again tomorrow. Why? Because i’m not happy until i achieve things. My health is important, undoubtedly, but my mental health is more important. If i’m not happy, i’m not healthy. And i’m only happy when i have things to do, goals to go after.

274/365 Mathsing it up, Jordan curve theorem style!
Creative Commons License photo credit: stuartpilbrow

Anyway, here’s the subjects and results i have so far;

  • Databases – 33%/50% – just need 2% out of 50% in my summer exam to pass 🙂
  • Networking – 15%/30% – need 20% out of 70% in summer to pass – probably the toughest subject, but all i need is 29% out of 100% in the summer exam to pass :mrgreen:
  • *Operating Systems – 35%/50% – already passed subject – just playing for pride in summer exam
  • Professional Issues – 27%/40% – need 8% out of 60% to pass. Joke of a subject, a lot of it is bluff work and common sense – just have to turn up to pass.
  • *Software Product Support – 20%/30% – need 15%/70% to pass, shouldn’t be a problem, easy enough subject.
  • *Object Based Development – 40%/50% – already passed subject. Just playing from pride in summer exam.

*Not confirmed yet

So out of the 250 marks available in CA marks, i’ve gotten about 170. Average of 68%. That’s the first time i’ve sat down and gone through the stats so i’m delighted with that. I’ve already passed 2 subjects, and 2 others are walks in the walk where i need to pick up single figure percentages to pass. The only tough cookies on paper are networking and software product support.

I say *tough*, i can afford to fail both summer exams and still pass the subjects :mrgreen: So unless i fail very badly, it doesn’t look like i’ll have any problems. Networking is the only subject that will require some degree of work. It’s my least favourite subject too (no coincidence). But even in that subject i feel i know enough to pass… i’ve still yet to fail an exam this college year so things are all going smoothly. Come to think of it, i never failed an exam last year either until it came to summer exams…

Unlike last summer though, i can plough on with my own projects without any distractions… i won’t be failing this time around.

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