3rd Place in Table Quiz

Well, i had the general knowledge table quiz today in a team that was thrown together literally 5 mins before the quiz :mrgreen:

We did well, coming joint 3rd out of about 14 teams. Most of the other teams had a lecturer in their team, so that was perhaps an unfair advantage as there were quite a few questions about the actual college/campus on there which none of us had a clue about 🙄

For a lot of questions we’d narrowed it down to 50/50 answers, and NONE went our way… here’s some examples…

  • When was the original jungle book created? We said it was post 1966 as that’s just when colour tv came in, so we wnt with 1968, it was actually 1967 😡 How close was that?
  • What is the capital of South Africa? We were torn between Johannesburg and Victoria, we said Johannesburg, the answer was Victoria.
  • How many wives did Henry 8th have? We said 6, then changed it to 7, and it was of course 6 🙁
  • How many states in the EU – we said 26, it was 27.
  • Who won the Champions League 2006/7? I knew it was either Barcelona or AC Milan. Barcelona played Arsenal in the final, and Milan played Liverpool, but i couldn’t think in what order did they come…. I changed this so many times and just couldn’t think what year each side won it… in the end i went with Barca, and it was of course AC Milan. Still kicking myself 😡

So there’s 5 questions which we touched on the answer, but when it came down to 50-50 between 2 potential answers, we got them all wrong! Had we got 2 or 3 right, it would have been enough to finish 2nd.

The runaway leaders apparently had one of the quiz writers on their side so that would explain why they were runaway leaders 😈 Anyway it was good craic and at least i came away learning a bit :mrgreen:

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