3rd lesson in 4 days..

Today i’ll take my 3rd driving lesson in 4 days..

My test is in 3 days time now (Tuesday 29th) so the pressure’s on. Today will probably be my last lesson before the morning of the test. I’ve already found out i’ll have a female examiner for the test, which i don’t know is a good or bad thing 😕

Things will probably be more relaxed or calmer with a woman in the passenger seat, but then again, and this is from school / life in general – women tend to do things to the book and make sure everything is done correctly. So given a choice, i’d probably have taken a male tester.

That said, at the end of the day, if i’m good enough, i’ll pass. I’m not going to start making excuses should i fail. I treat every lesson as a test and try to put myself in ‘test mode’ as much as possible nowadays. If the roads are quiet, i’ll pass. If you get a truck parked on a bend on a narrow 2 way street (like i yesterday did in a lesson), it makes it extremely difficult to pass safely as basically – it’s luck as you can’t see what’s around the bend. So i’m dreading some fools parking illegally or awkwardly during my test as that’s really out of my control.

Apart from those little things, reversing around a corner might be a bit tricky depending on the angle.. most of our kerbs here in the main test areas are worn and flat so it’s pretty tricky to see them clearly, especially if it’s a concrete road anot tarred like some are here 🙄 unlike say new estates where the kerbs are like mini walls :mrgreen: But again, i should have no problems as my judgement is good and i always stay far out from the kerb (like half a car width which is allowed), rather than try to get as close to it as possible – hit the kerb at any stage and it will probably be an automatic fail 😎

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