35 days of classes left


I have 35 days of classes in college left. Easter break is exactly 47 days away and i get two weeks off for that. After that, i think we have a study week then we’ve got final exams…


My dissertation needs to be finished by the end of March, so i have about 5 weeks left to complete it. I haven’t spent as much time as i would have liked to have done working on it, but i do have a solid structure in place now and i’m happy enough with what i’m doing.

It’s not going to get me top marks, but that was never the aim. My aim was to not let it bore me to tears and to try and make it as interesting as possible for myself without venturing too far away from IT Management.

That’s what it’s all about – interest. If i’m not interested in something, i won’t be at my best. College is a test of commitment for me more than anything else. These days the vast majority of the stuff i’m doing is of no interest to me but i’ll bundle myself over the finish line one way or another without fuss.

Until the dissertation is complete, there’ll always be a weight on my shoulders. Even after it’s complete, that weight will be replaced by the weight of a 45 minute presentation and question & answers section. After that, i then have to study for exams… so college will always be on my mind right up until around May 20th when i’ll have my final exam.


There’s something about the latter half of a college year that makes me lose interest in college work… my results back me up on it but i’ve always known my attitude and approach to college work changes after Christmas.

I look forward to the summer and getting more real world experience and working on my own projects, free from the psychological anchor that is college. No matter how much i want to do something or run away from college work, it’s always there, pulling me back.

Ready to Fly? All you really need is just another shot...
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These days i find it incredibly difficult to concentrate in classes. Within 20 minutes i’ve literally lost complete focus and start thinking of other things. I’m listening, i’m maybe even writing stuff down but the reality is it’s all just a token gesture. I’m there but i’m not really.You always get subjects and classes like that at various stages, for various reasons, but these days it’s constant.

The end is near

However, we’re only two days away from March, which means i’ve less than 3 months left in college, ever. Lectures, assignments & dissertations will be a thing of the past. I can start focusing on the stuff i enjoy working on and learning about without any distraction.

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